Permian NDT Inc will strive to be among the premier companies from the Permian Basin. We will accomplish this by being "User Friendly" and providing reliable accurate, and reproducible inspection results based on client's budget estimates.

Company History

Permian NDT Inc has rich history in the Oil & Gas Sector. Originally founded in 1984, we have seen the boom and bust cycles. After significant growth and expansion, Permian NDT, Inc. accepted an offer in 1998 to join another very dynamic inspection company that was international. This was done to accomodate the needs of Permian NDT Inc's employees and customers, giving all greater resources to assists in various needs. In 2005 past employees and customers contacted the previous management team of Permian NDT and asked they re-enter the Permian Basin market which they did. Athough we claim history from the original Permian NDT, this is primarily due to having a number of employees from the original company. Permian NDT Inc is a certified Woman Owned and Operated Company.


Global Products

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